Roeser’s Bakery` a family-owned
and -operated smallbusiness, has
been a Humboldt Park community
staple for over 100 years, going
back four generations. When you
have been in business for that long,
keeping up in an ever-changing
world is a necessity. While looking
for a way to more effectively
manage energy costs, Roeser’s
turned to the Small Business

Energy Savings (SBES) program to
help identify and prioritize energy
improvements for the bakery.

A SBES energy advisor conducted

a free energy assessment with John
Roeser m, owner during which they
discussed the bakerfs lighting and
heating system’s controls. Several
recommendations were made to help
reduce the bakery’s energy usage and
overall operating costs.

“We’re an old business with old

things,” said John Roeser IV, “We had
alot of lighting to swap out; a lot. of
wiring to be reconfigured.”

The following upgrades were
completed to improve the lighting
and reduce the natural gas energy
use (installed pre-rinse sprayers and
the faucet aeratorl ofthe bakery.